Welcome to Inner Fire...

….. the trading name of Devi Kanya aka Deyna Hirst:

Hatha Yoga Master with 25 years of Yoga experience; diplomas in Dru Yoga, Transformational Yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy and Thai Yoga Massage; 20 years teaching classes and workshops; 3 years running retreats and a year of training Yoga teachers.
I work in partnership with local teachers around the world to bring you the best of Yoga ancient wisdom and contemporary innovation mixing serious study with light-hearted laughter.Yoga is my vocation and passion: not just the fascination of our physical body but how Yoga philosophy informs and invites us to explore our mental, pranic, emotional, psychic and spiritual being, as well as become aware of how our inner universe reflects, acts, reacts and interacts with our external environment.If we consider that “energy is neither created, nor destroyed but can be transformed from one state to another” what possibilities do we have to play with our life force, our vital energy?

If we accept that we are creatures of light and dark, amazing colours, shades and shadows, what potential do we have for creative expression and evolution (and devolution)?



Idyllic Retreats

I am planning lovely holidays in United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide, hopefully to include ‘Yoga and Thai Massage’, Yoga and Ayurvedic De-tox and Revitalise, Art, Creativity and Yoga, Beach Yoga and Other Activities.

Inner Fire Yoga Kendal

Well-being Classes

I run different classes for all aspects of Yoga and all abilities, mainly in South Lakeland but sporadically in other parts of the country.

Eclectic workshops Days / Weekends

Around the world, wherever I am, whatever opportunities present themselves …. request a Yoga adventure for a Hen Do, Stag Do, reunion, friendship group or even family bonding.

Yoga Poses
Inner Fire Yoga Teacher Training Kendal

Experiential Teacher Training

Experiential Teacher Training: I run a general Hatha Yoga training where you can develop your own style or Transformational Yoga Teacher Training. These are accredited by Yoga Alliance International and/or Independent Yoga Network and at present run in South Lakeland and India covering:

*Yoga Asana (postures)       *Pranayama (breathing techniques)

*Anatomy and Physiology   *Meditation

*Mantra and Mudra            *Yoga Philosophy

*Paths of Yoga        *Teaching methodology

There are also continuing professional development opportunities with Inner Fire post-graduation.


Relaxed One-to-One (or One-to-Two)

For individual, personal health and healing of your own unique body, mind and life challenges. This can be muscular analysis to highlight where you are holding tension, Chakra reading and healing, or looking at what is causing stress and anxiety in your mind and body.